Piercing , surface and microdermal. We do body piercing with full warranty. Certified applicators, hypoallergenic materials, autoclaved instruments and disposable catheters. If you want to do piercing in Lleida, ZUK Tattoo is your studio.

zuk piercing ombligo

Navel Piercing

It can be top, bottom, side, or multiple surface.

zuk piercing lengua

Tongue Piercing

The most common is the vertical, but it can also be horitzontal or surface.

zuk piercing nariz

Nose Piercing

A nose stud or a ring on the side, or a septum ring.  

zuk piercing labio

Labret Piercing

In the upper or lower lip. Centered or lateral. Once healed, you can wear a ring or labret.

zuk piercing medusa

Medusa Piercing

Centered on the upper lip. The most common is to use a jewelled labret.

zuk piercing smile

Smile Piercing

One of the most populars mouth piercing. Frenulum of the upper lip is pierced. With a jewelled close ring, you will get a new smile.

zuk piercing surface


The surface is similar to eyebrow piercing, but longer and designed for areas such as the neck or tongue.

zuk piercing oreja

Ear Piercing

From the typical lobe piercing, helix, industrial, tragus, anti-tragus... There are many options!


Hypoallergenic materials

We only use biocompatible and hypoallergenic materials, with quality certificate from the supplier.


Piercing Gift Voucher

You want to make a different gift? Give a piercing or a tattoo. We have Gift Certificates you can charge with the amount you want.



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