5 tips for choosing a good piercing studio

A body piercing is a deep wound. A misapplication or poor aftercare can lead to infection. It is important to choose a good studio to do it, and also that you know the involved risks and the aftercare.

These 5 tips will help you to choose a good studio for your next piercing:

1.- Watch the hygiene of the place:

It is important to choose a clean place. And specially in the cabins where they do the work, wich must be separated from the rest of the studio with a door.

2.- Ask all guarantees:

Every piercing studio must have a Health Certificate. And the staff must have an Hygienic-Sanitary Certificate wich enables him to work as a piercer. These certificates should be exposed on a visible place for the customers. If you don't see them, ask for them. The problems arising from poor health practice can be more serious than you think: Bacterial infections, blood-bone diseases (hepatitis B, C, HIV), tetanus.

3.- Minimize the risk of allergies: 

It is very important that the applicator use only high quality materials for your piercing. To ensure that this is so, ask to see the certificate of approval of the materials he is going to use.

4.- Ask for all important information before performing the piercing:

The piercer must inform you before the piercing on the technique itself, the risks you have, its reversibility and care for the following days.

5.- Save problems, not money:

Save trouble choosing a good piercing studio. This way you will know:

> You're in the hands of a qualified and experienced professional.
> The studio complies with health regulations.
> You are minimizing the risks of allergies or subsequent infections, so that the end result will be more satisfactory and lasting.
> You should consider that a studio that meets all health regulations in force and has qualified professionals that offer all the guarantees, is something that has a price. Do not get into the hands of anyone.