5 tips for choosing a good tattoo studio

Wanna save money on your next tattoo?

A tattoo is for life. It is therefore very important to choose a good professional to do it, so you don't have to fix it, cover or remove it with laser after some time.

These 5 tips will help you to choose a good studio for your next tattoo:

1.- Watch the hygiene of the place:

It is important to choose a clean place. And specially in the cabins where they do the work, wich must be separated from the rest of the studio with a door.

2.- Health Guarantee:

Every tattoo parlour must have a Health Certificate. And the tattoist must have a Hygienic-Sanitary Certificate witch enables him to work. These certificates should be exposed on a visible place for the customers. If you don't see them, ask for them. The tattoo parlour must have a steam sterilization system, to ensure complete sterility of the non disposable material to be used during the process. Note that all the material is sealed and that the tattooist unfolds it in front of you. And especially disposables like needles, must also have expiry date and batch printed on the packaging. Among the diseases that can be transmitted in unhygienic surroundings are hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis and malaria.

3.- Minimize the risk of allergies:

It is very important that the tattooist uses quality pigments, approved by the Ministry of Health. To make sure that it is, requests that will sign informed consent stating that all inks that have been used for your tattoo, branded, color, expiration date, lot number and authorization.

4.- Previous information:

The tattoo artist has to inform you before the tattoo on the technique, risks having, reversibility, and cures for the following days.

5.- Choose a good tattoist:

Tattooing is an art. Each tattooist has a different technique and style. Before you get a tattoo: Look for his previous work.
If you know someone that has already been tattooed with him, ask him about his experience.
A tattoo is for life. Do not think only in the price. Choose the tattoo artist you like for his style and his career, and the one who provide you enough prior information, health guarantees and adequate facilities and conditions.

Wanna save money on your next tattoo?

You are in the hands of a qualified and experienced professional.
The result will meet or even exceed your expectations.
The studio complies with all health regulations.
You are minimizing allergy risks or subsequent infections.